But of almost everything.

For example we guarantee that all your individual solutions are feasible within an overall concept. In this way,

you benefit from our excellent contacts at home and abroad.

Specially with banks, insurance companies, lawyer, promotional agencies and many others.

But there are some things which you should already know, because we are famous for not only "selling" our know-how, but also passing it on in certain specific ways. Namely for the benefit of our clients who wish

to proceed without any legal complications

because they have standard requirements. A simple example: how to submit invoices so as to comply with VAT law.

Law and fiscal matters continiously change.

So that you don't loose the overview

we publish regulary "client informations" on questions relating to fiscal matters, questions of social insurance law and matters relating to economic and other current financial themes of interrest. So, you will be anytime up to date.

Anyway, we are sure:

We will understand you.

We will offer you assistence in seven languages: English, German, French, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Polish and Russian. The multilingual skills of our employees together with our understanding of multicultural commercial practices can provide the key to new business relationships, and frequently smooth the path to success as well.

Everything has its price. But, don't worry,

there is certainly no cause for alarm.

We guarantee a balanced price/performance ratio in combination with fair and flexible prices, that base on the guidelines of our representative professional groups. We take great pains in this respect and can offer proof or our commitments, first and foremost from our satisfied clients who have placed their trust in us for many years.

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