One factor is of overriding importance:

Fully concentration on your traditional entrepreneurial tasks!

Competition is becoming increasingly tougher, but at the same time additional opportunities are rising. You need to provide greater scope for the development of new products and services, for offensive market strategies and the development of modern customer relationships. So,

reduce the burden of administration and management.

For example in areas such as accounting, in questions relating to tax and financial matters and not least in the process of clarifying all those basic conditions laid down by a veritable flood of provisions and laws. All this work robs you of valuable time and puts you under stress. Wasted time,

that you better invest in earning money.

The Hofstaetter Consultancy not only assists you in all legal questions relating to tax, commercial matters and finance. In relation to your business affairs, we offer a very broad range of skills in specific areas such as personnel planning, asset management and reorganisation measures.

Naturally, that the "fight against the authorities" is hereby included!

It is of utmost importance to us that we act with your interests at heart in both fiscal and commercial terms. In this way, we can offer you all aspects of in-house consultancy under one roof, to assist you to develop your strenghts fully. And certainly we are subject to a strict professional ethos which requires us to display

responsability at the highest level towards our clients.

In this regard, you can place your absolute trust in our personal integrity and independence, not to mention our total confidentiality and loyalty to you whenever we are dealing with third parties on your behalf.

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